The CRPN Perinatal Depression Project evolved as a result of the recommendations from the 2002 Cleveland Healthy Family/Healthy Start Study “Feelings of African-American Perinatal Women”. Recommendations included:

  • Increase awareness about perinatal depression for providers and consumers.
  • Provide education and training in identification and referral.
  • Establish clear guidelines/care path for screening and referral.
  • Develop provider and consumer materials.
  • Explore best practice models with perinatal and mental health providers.
  • Improve referral process.
  • Data collection.

In 2005 the Cleveland Regional Perinatal Network estabished the CRPN Perinatal Depression Project when it received grant funding from the Cuyahoga County Child & Family Health Services to develop a provider training model on perinatal depresssion and to provide free on-site agency training for all providers in Cuyahoga County and the region.  Training tools include the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, a Carepath for Screening and Referral developed by the Project Coordinator and established at several trained sites, along with the Maternal Behavioral Fax Referral Sheet created by the Cuyahoga Perinatal Depression Task force.

A subsequent goal of the CRPN Perinatal Depression Project was to improve linkages between providers identifying and referring women with perinatal depression and the mental health agencies accepting these referrals.  In 2007 the Cuyahoga County Perinatal Depression Task force was convened to address this need.

The CRPN Perinatal Depression Project has continued to receive ongoing funding from the Cleveland, MomsFirst Project since 2003 for the development and distribution of perinatal depression materials (Guide for Moms, Maternal Depression Tablets and Posters) and to also update the CRPN website. These activities play a vital role in raising awareness for both providers and consumers about perinatal depression. As a result, the core components of the Project are to: raise public awarenesstrain providers to identify women at risk  and provide linkages to community services.

 Project Outcomes include:

  • Over 3000 providers trained, regionally and across state of Ohio since project began.
  • CPRN Perinatal Depression Project duplicated in Lorain County 2009.
  • Perinatal Depression Task forces formed in Lake 2010 and Summit Counties 2011.
  • CRPN/Case/Berea Perinatal Depression Project developed 2011.
  • Perinatal Depression Carepaths established: MomsFirst Project, Ohio Department of Health/Help Me Grow, NorthEast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. (NEON), University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University Student Health Services, the Cuyahoga Dept of Children & Family Services, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Newborn Home Visiting Program and MetroHealth Medical Center.
  • IRB approved study “Evaluation of Providers Screening and Referral Practices” data collection completed at 2 health sites in 2009-2010.
  • Education Forum on Perinatal Depression held on 10/28/2011 at MetroHealth Medical Center with 110 providers attending.
  • August 2007, CRPN Perinatal Depression Project won the Most Innovative Practice Award at the National CityMatch Convention.
  •  2010 particpated in research study “Home Visiting and Maternal Depression” by the Urban Institute, Washington D.C.  Report released 4/2011 whereby CRPN Perinatal Depression Project identified as “a promising model for the rest of the Country”.
  •  One of three projects selected out of 22 Healthy Start projects across the country to present and participate in workgroup on “Intimate Partner Violence and Postpartum Depression” convened by the Federal Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) and Maternal Child Health Bureau in Washington D.C., August, 2011.