Healthcare Providers and Community Agencies

Since 2002, Cleveland Regional Perinatal Network has been studying the impact of perinatal depression on women. CRPN is the only organization addressing perinatal depression from a public health perspective in Northeast Ohio.

CRPN has developed a strategic blueprint to enable healthcare providers and community agencies to systematically screen and refer for perinatal depression. The work we have done has raised awareness within the community.

Our Blue Print for Community Response provides the roadmap for addressing this critical issue. We have developed agency-specific carepaths for perinatal depression and offer onsite provider training to assist with identifying and referring patients or clients suffering from perinatal depression. Learn more about our training, screening and referral tools.

We have established a provider network for maternal mental health. These agencies have specialized programs with staff who have an expertise in the the field and have available slots to help your patients and clients.

Based upon our research, we uncovered that a significant issue in addressing perinatal depression was the failure to screen women early. The CRPN has also been instrumental in developing a data tracking system that include number of women receiving treatment in the Cleveland area.  Find out more about our data reports and research studies.