CenteringPregnancy Mental Health Project

The CRPN in collaboration with University Macdonald Women’s Hospital (UMWH) Centering Pregnancy program, OhioGuidestone and MomsFirst Project, received grant funds through the March of Dimes Community Grant Program (2015) and the Woodruff Foundation (2016 and 2017) to support Enhancing the Mental Health and Well Being of UMWH Centering Pregnancy Patients.  

Centering Pregnancy is a group prenatal care model facilitated by nurse midwives to provide women with prenatal care in a group setting. As a result, expectant mothers learn together and support each other throughout their pregnancies. Studies have shown that the centering model improves birth outcomes.

The project focuses on increasing identification of mental health concerns by implementing universal screening for all patients, improving care coordination, expanding access to community mental health services by providing onsite mental health services through OhioGuidestone, incorporating stress reduction techniques into Centering Pregnancy curriculum and offering a MomsFirst referral for support to all patients enrolled in Centering Pregnancy. Data will be collected to evaluate project outcomes.

For more information, contact CRPN Project Director at avril.albaugh@uhhospitals.org.