The Cleveland Regional Perinatal Network is committed to mounting a broad community response to the issues surrounding maternal, child and adolescent mental health. We drive change through programs designed to educate, train, and build awareness. We link providers to resources and connect women, children and adolescents to valuable community services.

The CRPN provides support to a number of distinct groups, including: healthcare and community providers; individuals suffering from maternal, paternal, childhood and adolescent mental health issues; family members; strategic partners in public health, research and mental health.

Perinatal Depression Project

CRPN is the only organization addressing perinatal depression from a public health perspective in Northeast Ohio. The development of screening tools, training, data tracking system, and a network of perinatal mental health providers resulted in A Blueprint for Community Response.

CRPN’s evidence-based strategy has enabled healthcare and community providers to systematically screen and refer for perinatal depression and enhanced access to mental health services for this population. This effective approach has helped to raise public awareness about the issue and has increased responsiveness to the critical needs of women.

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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Project

As part of its broader mission, the CRPN has expanded it’s scope to include the social-emotional needs of children and adolescents. Building on it’s unique Blueprint for a Community Response, additional grant funding was received to address these critical issues and develop an evidence-based approach.

The project will focus on improving linkages between healthcare and community providers and the child-adolescent mental health system; and developing a data tracking system.




Teen Tobacco Cessation Project

To expand the CRPN’s commitment to child and adolescent mental health, grant funding has been received to provide tobacco cessation programs in schools and community agencies. The Not on Tobacco Program developed by the American Lung Association will be utilized by the CRPN to address tobacco use in adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19.

The NOT program is flexible, covers a wide range of topics like stress management and coping mechanisms and can be completed over a five or ten week period. Teens have a hands-on learning experience, and receive incentives for active participation.

In addition, we have developed an interactive tobacco awareness presentation for large groups of teens and adults. This is a great option for health classes community meetings, and health fairs.